Shia Labeouf Forgets His Other Bag

He still has a hand-cast and after all this time, which is kind of sad to see the injury was written in his Transformers role and continued to bother him since the mid- 08. The one for the head, that is! Shia was noted wearing a paper bag during the week, but this time was only a plastic carrying one on his way to mother Bob restaurant in Glendale. Ummm ...

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Katy Perry

Since the November 2007 issue of the digital hilarious, zeitgeist-capturing single Ur So Gay, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Katy Perry has been wowing critics and fans (including the Queen of Pop, Madonna) with her big voice, Sassy attitude, and feisty, confessional songs.

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Aniston Amp Mayer Come To Blows Over Prenuptial Agreement

The former Friends beauty is ready to protect his estimated $ 150m fortune, which is desperate for John to put pen to paper and sign the dotted line.. Jennifer Aniston appears to have reservations about the marriage John Mayer beau - because s, by refusing to sign a premarital agreement.

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Kate Winslet And Sam Mendes Flying Solo

Just don t expect them to travel together. If it sounds like paranoia on the couple part, that sa partially justified paranoia. The Daily Mail reports that Winslet, 33, and Mendes, 43 and who starred in Revolutionary Road directed, respectively, to avoid passengers on the same plane, where possible,. Revolutionary Roadscoring with many awards and nominations, Kate Winslet actress and her director / husband Sam Mendes, are doing a lot of trips lately. Civil discord at work? No, they just want to make sure that Kate Children Mia, 8, and Joe, 5 aren t orphans in case one of them is in a plane crash.

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New Music Santogold Ft Drake Amp Lil Wayne Prod Diplo Lil Wayne Unstoppable Remix Prom Queen Mp3s

Another couple of days, another two million new Lil Wayne-related mp3s. Hey, Mixtapes! Remember Friday, when I said that one of the biggest trends in the blog was the hip-hop is stuff that sounds like MIA or Santogold? Well, Here another. I m motherfucking so shocked I could write a blog post. . Only instead of sampling Santogold Shove It Like Jay-Z.

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